Thursday, November 19, 2009


I conveniently wrote a song on Sunday about days like this-the days where you are having such a bad day, but you get to see that special guy and you decide it's a good day. Here it goes.

My toast was burnt, I got up late,
My shower was cold, then I broke a plate.
Guess it's one of those days for me.
The clouds were gray, the sun was gone.
It started to rain, the day was already long
At 9:53.
It was about that time I saw you look my way,
And I guess it was a good day

Cuz you're the sunshine in my rain
and you bring color to the day.
I'm feeling warm even in the wintertime
And knowing every day you're mine.
You are the melody of my song,
You fill my dreams all night long.
I don't know how this day will end,
but it'll be so good if I
See you again.

Then the next day, the clouds were gone.
My shower was warm and I saw the sun.
It was going well, I'd say.
The sky was blue and the trees were green.
The birds were outside and I heard them sing
As I walked along the way.
But these aren't the things that make my day,
It's when I see your face


And now I feel very fulfilled. I am sure I'll have a great night's sleep with this sensation of euphoria. :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A day in the life of a Snuggie™

First, I visit the local art museum.

After that, I need to study for my big test.

Then it's time for music lessons. I can keep nice and warm when I'm wearing my Snuggie™.

Here I go into the HFAC for work! Yay work!

Answering phones is a very important part of my job.

As you can see, the Snuggie™ has had a busy day.