Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The end....? Or the beginning? Stay tuned to find out!

December 3-So one of the little girls, Michelle, was talking to a few kids who had gotten laffy taffy's. Being the little kids they are, they were eating with their mouth open. Michelle looked at them, completely disgusted, and said, "Will you guys eat nicely and close your mouths please?" Then she just rolled her eyes.
Well today was supposed to be my last day, but luckily I was able to talk to the teacher and of course she wanted me to stay. It was just lovely. So instead of waiting until next semester to go back, I'm just going to go right through the holiday! Halelujah!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Wise Analysis of a 7 Year Old

Nov 19-Today the teacher read a book to the class. It was something like "When Africa was Home" or something very similar. It was about a little boy from Africa who moved to America with his family and didn't quite understand things like tv's, radios, etc. In the book, the boy describes a tv as a "box in which people live and talk a lot". The teacher asked the kids what he might be referring to. Most of the kids understood it was a tv, but one little boy in the back called out, "Homeless people!"

Two of a kind

Nov 5-The little boy Isaiah that gave me a hug last week is the coolest kid ever. He and I have so much in common. First off, I was helping the kids do a 'leaf art' station and while he was doing that, he kept humming "So Long, Farewell" from the Sound of Music. It was awesome! Then when he was done with his 'leaf art', he wanted to write on his paper, "I hereby declare that leaves should be left on the tree." So dramatic! What an awesome kid!

Scissors, Pencils, and Hugs....What Joy!

Oct. 29-One of the boys, Jedrick, had a hangnail and I took him down to the nurse to get it taken care of. I was explaining that what I usually do is just clip the nail and put a bandaid on it. He didn't know what nail clippers were so I explained they are basically scissors shaped especially for cutting fingernails. I then went on to say that if worse came to worse, you could always use scissors to get it off. He looked at me, terrified, and said, "I don't want them to cut my finger off!!!" His look was priceless.
After that, I was helping Jedrick with his work and he started to complain about how he couldn't find 2 of his pencils. He went up to a girl in the class and started accusing her of stealing it. They argued about it for a little while until the girl's friend walked over to him, pulled up his shirt just enough to show his pocket which held his two pencils.
My absolute favorite part of the day was when I was leaving and Isaiah, the little boy I had just helped with his math, came up to me and gave me a hug goodbye. It was the best time that I'd ever had while tutoring.

In the absence of the class....

October 15th-After a few weeks of tutoring, they had a short-day. I wasn't able to tutor. It really was so distressing. I was quite distraught. The kids had been so fun though. They are so willing to learn and accept help.
October 22nd-This week I just helped the teacher move to classrooms. The second week in a row that I wasn't able to play with the kids. It killed me.

September 24th-Day One

I finally decided what I want to write about on my blog. I started tutoring at Wasatch Elementary and these are some of the cutest kids I have ever seen. I have so many stories about them, so I'm going to just start writing them.

September 24th-The first day rocked! The best part of the day was when a little kid asked if I would be back next week-he had a concerned look on his face. When I told him yes he looked so relieved and said, "Oh good." He then ran off to recess.