Friday, March 19, 2010

As You Like It

Last night I went and saw Shakespeare's As You Like It being performed here at BYU. I thought it was an absolutely spectacular performance. I absolutely love Shakespeare, which always helps, and the entire production was fantastic. I highly recommend it to anybody. Actually, I recommend it to anybody with the exception of those who dislike adaptions of Shakespeare as well as those who have a low tolerance for violence. I know that makes it sound like I'm justifying the viewing of violence, but I thought this would have been just fine for a fairly younger audience. That might be because I was sitting on the front row, so it was easy to tell the violence was very, VERY staged.

Anyway, at the end of the performance, there is a marriage celebration which resulted in dancing. That was fun and expected and whatnot. What wasn't expected was how different men in the cast walked out and grabbed unsuspecting girls on the first row and brought them on stage to dance. Yes, I was pulled on stage by the guy being pinned on the floor. I was actually the first person pulled up on stage. My roommate sitting next to me told me he looked like he was coming toward me "with determination". Yeah, try not to get creeped out when that happens to you.

Throughout the performance, there was a guy with a guitar playing and singing and whatnot. At the end of the curtain call, he tossed the guitar pick to me. I'm probably going to be keeping this for quite some time.

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kylie said...

bwahahaha he tossed the guitar pick?! hahahaha nice.