Sunday, June 28, 2009

High School Musical Summer Celebration

Yes. I did it. I went to the High School Musical Summer Celebration. And it was AWESOME!!!! Everyone was either between ages 4 and 10, or the parents of children between ages 4 and 10.

I'll be completely honest, I find all movies hilarious because they are so ridiculous. My favorite scene from the 2nd movie is when Zac Efron sings to his reflection in the little lake on the golf course. That whole song is actually just plain old amazing. So funny.

Anyway, I went with my friend, Franklynn, to this concert. He conveniently looks like Ryan Evans, or Lucas Grabeel, from the show.

Let's compare pictures, shall we?

People thought it was really him. Mostly the kids did. Before we even sat down we had a girl ask for his autograph. The entire night was filled with people asking for his autograph and taking pictures with him. While the parents knew it wasn't him, all the kids were completely convinced it was the real deal.

Long story short-awesome night.

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