Monday, July 6, 2009


I don't know why, but it seems like my summer thus far has been rather dull and is now just starting to pick up. Or atleast become more interesting.

Case Study #1
Mosquitoes have always seemed to be especially attracted to my older brother, Bryan, and me. I don't know why, but there's something in our blood that makes those bugs go crazy. The third, for example, I came home from work and sat outside for probably ten minutes talking to my mom and sister. Three mosquito bites. Not joking. Pathetic. Sunday, I was taking a nap outside when I got a bite on my lip. It began to swell and looked like I got in a fist fight. Seriously.

Case Study #2
The boy across the street and I grew up together. We are all but leagally brother and sister. Well he is on his mission in Belgium right now. Apparently another elder in his mission right now knows me. Not only does he know me, but he has a crush on me. Or did. And he would go to Chick-fil-a in the summers just to see me. I can either be really flattered or totally creeped out.

Case Study #3
My older sister came down and told me she just got a call from Bryan asking for ideas on how to propose to the girl he's been dating....tomorrow night! She actually got the call last night, so he proposed earlier tonight and they are now officially engaged!!! However, he currently lives in Arizona and will be coming up for law school in the fall. They want to be married before he moves up here, which will be around August 18th, so the wedding will be in 1 month plus a few days. They do not yet know the exact date. Here's the happy couple...

In conclusion, everything has been so incredibly calm and uneventful for all of May and June. All of a sudden, here we are.

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