Monday, October 5, 2009

Get over it

I don't quite have enough pictures for the Snuggie post just yet. For now, I will just post the song that I wrote last night!

A little background--I am not a negative person. I admit I was a bit frustrated with somebody last night, so I decided to write a song to let out my frustrations. The rhythm is a bit funky, but here it is:

Get Over It

VERSE 1--Because you aren't thin,
You just don't fit in
With that crowd.
Your hair is a mess.
You're wanting to just
Scream out loud.

You might not like it,
But here's my advice.
I'd like to have you
Think it over twice.

Get over it, deal with it,
Who really cares?
We all have our own problems.
I'm well aware
That you think you're the only
one that's been kicked while you're down.
Just look around,
And get over it!

VERSE 2--You spend Friday nights
Sitting at home
By yourself,
With chocolate and ice cream,
the chick flicks lined up
On your shelf.

Just call me crazy,
But here's my two-cents:
That is no way to get

Get over it, deal with it.
Get a real friend.
Turn off all your movies,
They're only pretend.
I know this sounds harsh, but it's
Your fault that you're all alone,
that you're on your own.
So get over it.

VERSE 3-You sit by yourself,
Eating your lunch
All alone.
All the people just pass you
And that's when you
Pull out your phone.

Trust me, they all know that
Nobody's there.
And here's where you really wish
Somebody cared.

Get over it, deal with it
All on your own.
It's time to admit now that
You're all alone.
Just shoot down your pride and
Watch it all fall to the floor.
I'll say it once more,
Get over it!

Get over it......

Yes, I feel as though this was a mean song. But I do really like the tune that I have in my head. And it's been stuck in my head all day. Anyway, my next post will not be so down. 'Til then.....


Allison said...


Also, I'm offended. Did you not know that I am actually that person who goes to bed at 10:30pm on Friday nights? That's right. I'm half convinced that this song is about me.

Except you bought me a doughnut today, and that's the true sign of friendship right there.

Meagan said...

I liked it. I think a lot of people (not just girls) feel this way. They just need to make the changes for themselves and not sit around to wait for someone to come up to them. But if someone wants to stay in Friday night and watch a movie, there is nothing wrong with that, we all need to relax!