Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Heaven

So lately, I've been writing a lot (relatively) of songs. My first one was a little bitter and, frankly, just not me. This one is a little more like me. Naturally it's written about a boy. I hope you like it!

It's Heaven

I saw you the other day. You were walking along,
Wearing your gray hat; you were humming a song.
I don't think you knew how you took my breath away.
Don't know how you make me feel this way.
All I know is everytime I see your face,

It's like I'm seeing clearly for the first time.
Even when it rains, I'm seeing sunshine.
Everytime you smile, I know it's gonna be alright.
I hear your voice, my heart stops beating.
You say my name, I'm hearing choirs sing:
"Halelujah!" It's heaven now you're in my life,
It's heaven.

You smiled and waved at me, you startede walking my way
I went weak at the knees, now what can I say?
I'm falling for you, I'm seeing it more each eday.
It's so strange I feel the way I do.
I can feel it every time I look at you.


And then it just kinda ends.....
But I like it. I actually really like the tune and everything.