Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When you just gotta go

This was my physics class today. I sat in the middle of the row. Where no one wants to move for you when you need to go use the restroom. Here was my thought process today:

"Swift run the sands of time except in the hour of pain." Or perhaps the hour when you need a restroom. I have needed a potty break since 9:07. It is now 10:28.
Drip. Drip. That is what I am seeing, feeling, hearing in my head. Also, I'm cold. Not helping.
10:31. Almost 10:32. 15 seconds. 8 minutes left.
But I have to remain conscious.
I can't make it. Can I? I can. I can do it. 10:33.
I am trying to do anything--ANYTHING--to get my mid off of this.
10:34. I don't understand or care about radioactive decay. Will it affect my using the restroom?
Ionizing radiation. What is that? 10:35
10:36. Will the professor let class out early? This is the last concept we're discussing! He said it's the last concept today!!
Wait. We're doing a quiz? Really? 10:37.
He said we'll end with the quiz. FINALLY.
The answer is d. THE ANSWER IS D!! We're done!
Yes?? And we're done!!
No?? No!!! He forgot one thing! A demonstration?
It's not important! It's not important!!
10:39. One minute!
What do you mean start the demonstration over? We haven't even started, how can we start over??
We're done? 10:40! We're out!

And I lived happily ever after.

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Time for Taralyn! said...

It is just like when the guy in Jurassic Park runs to the bathroom. "when you gotta go, you gotta go" I am glad you didn't get eaten by a dinosaur. I would have been rather sad.