Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18-A lot of funny stuff happened today

Sorry, I know this is so much to read, but if you enjoy funny things that kids do, this is definitely worth it.

1-Today I was at the class, the teacher began to ask miscellaneous farm questions in anticipation for a field trip. She asked the class what plants needed in order to grow. She was able to get the first three answers right away-water, soil, the sun. Dear little Rick was raising his hand very high indeed. When called upon, he answered, "Love." Apparently, plants do need love in order to grow.

2-While she was asking this same group of questions, the teacher was looking for a certain term for wheat. She began to say "It starts with..." just when Isaiah, the one who sings The Sound of Music all the time, took a wild guess that it started with an "f". Just threw that one out there.

3-Also in this group of questions, the teacher asked what kind of nutrients we gain from eating meat. She let them know it started with a "p". Sweet little Gavin, very bright kid, guessed it was protolesterol. Please put this kid on jeopardy.

4-The teacher told the class that if they weren't quiet, they would have to lose some recess time. This is a very big deal. They all began to be quiet and shush eachother when little Isaiah, the singer again, yelled out, "It's one thirty!" He had a lot of humorous random outbursts just like that today.

5-Also, Isaiah made a good number of "piggy" noises while talking about the farm. Mostly snorts.

6-When I first got there, the class was with another teacher learning good communication skills-"Polite or Not Right" They had to make it rhyme. Anyway, they were acting out two different situations on how to have a conversation-one the polite way, and one the 'not right' way. Michael and Cydney got up to perform. Michael asked what Cydney's favorite color was, but he was acting out "not listening to the answer" and would not look at her. He stood in the exact spot as though he were listening, but his head would look just about everywhere else. You probably had to see it to understand how funny it was.

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